Into the Glacier – Langjokull


One of Iceland´s biggest attractions is the diversity of its nature; the volcanoes and hot springs versus the glaciers. In addition, the relatively short distances between places to experience the contrasts is highly appreciated by visitors. Experiencing a glacier is one of our “must do” activities when visiting Iceland. The magnificent Langjokull glacier, the second biggest glacier in Iceland and Europe, covering 953sq/km, is conveniently located only a 2-hour drive from Reykjavik and quite easy to access. We offer a variety of activities on and around the glacier, e.g. snowmobile rides, glacier walks, dog-sledge rides etc.

Also this coming summer our guests have the chance of a whole new level of experience, a once in a lifetime adventure, to travel literally Into the Langjokull glacier and explore it from within. It´s pure magic. It´s a journey to one of the world´s greatest wildernesses, perhaps the closest thing to experiencing the Ice Age – seeing the hidden, magnificent, stunning blue ice right at the heart of the glacier. Read more  Riding a monster 8-wheel-drive glacier truck to the opening of the Ice tunnel and caves, the remotest and biggest of its kind in the world, is an adventure in itself and available all year round. Except during spring and summer, the tunnels and caves can also be safely reached by super-trucks as part of your tour exploring the wider area. Of course warm clothing and proper footwear is recommended, even during the spring and summer months, but these can also be made available on site.






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