“Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times”


We provide full DMC services in all the Nordic countries. Iceland though is our main destination and so is Greenland, Iceland´s next door neighbor, which due to the island´s harsh climate is mostly visited only in the summer time.

Iceland is an all-year-round destination and you could say combines two very different countries in one. On the one hand there´s the summer season with the Midnight Sun, with daylight more than 20 hours a day; and on the other hand there´s the winter-season with only a few hours of daylight, which sets the stage for the spectacular Northern-Lights. So, to fully experience the wonders of Iceland, guests need to visit at least twice!

We say that Iceland is a destination where you can expect the unexpected. In a single day you can experience all types of weather or perhaps even a volcanic eruption – which just like the weather are of many different kinds. Little wonder that visitors keep coming back for new experiences.

The other Nordic countries, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway   are all-year-round destinations. Visits to them for the most part focus on the capital cities, experiencing the sophisticated city life, the excellent shopping and dining opportunities and the rich history and culture on offer. The flight time between Iceland and the other four takes less than 3 hours and there are a number of international airlines flying these routes on a daily basis.

For those that have the time and opportunity to visit more than Iceland, and possibly Greenland in the summer, it´s ideal and very convenient to go on a Combo Nordic Tour that includes one or more of the other four of our  neighbors.


Iceland stands out from the other Nordic countries for its extremely diverse landscape and nature. There´s the towering glaciers and active volcanoes, the unspoiled wilderness, the pure invigorating air and the crystal-clear water of our rivers and streams.Iceland like its Nordic neighbors is also an

Iceland like its Nordic neighbors is also an all-year round destination.

It´s a common misconception that Iceland is a cold country, colder than other North European neighboring countries. Iceland actually has the best of climates, never humid and never too warm. The summers are nice and refreshing and the winters generally mild, no colder than mainland Europe and North America. If anything, winters are actually milder here, thanks to the tempering influence of the Gulf Stream.


Thanks to Mother Nature Iceland´s environmentally-friendly geothermal water is used to heat up our houses and ensures that all accommodation is comfortably warm and cozy. And if too warm you simply open your window and let in some of that pure Icelandic fresh air.

Icelandic weather is unpredictable. It´s never boringly the same. We have a saying in Iceland, if you don´t like the weather, wait for five minutes! So be prepared and remember to bring the right clothing or plan to go shopping for such on the day of arrival.

In essence, Iceland is the perfect destination for all those that seek a place to unwind, to relax away from all the hassle and stress of everyday life. And of course it´s a paradise destination for nature-lovers, photographers; both amateur and professional, bird-watchers – indeed anyone who wants that special and unique experience. Read more

For those craving some action the options are numerous; soak in natural outdoor hot-springs, go whale-watching, play golf under the midnight sun (May –Sept.), chase the Northern-Lights

(Sept.-April), ride a helicopter or go by private plane for a thrilling bird´s eye views of a volcanic eruption – if and when one is blowing its top, travel to Langjökull glacier and take a tour inside the world´s longest glacier cave and tunnel (600 m), or take a tour literally inside a dormant volcano, an experience that´s unique in the world.

For festival-lovers it´s certainly worthwhile to schedule a tour to Iceland so that it coinsides with experiencing one or more of the many yearly festivals held not only in Reykjavik but elsewhere throughout the country. Just to mention a few, there´s Reykjavík Cultural Night in late August, Gay-Pride the second weekend in August, Icelandic Air-Waves Music Festival in late October-early November, the Reykjavík Arts festival for two weeks in late May, Food and Fun in late February, and the Reykjavík International Film Festival (RIFF) in late September- early October. Over the summer months towns and villages have their own individual festivals which offer visitors a wonderful opportunity to meet the locals and learn something about life and culture in Iceland.

For an almost complete list see www.visiticeland.com/things-to-do/cultue/festivals

For the truly adventurous traveler there´s an endless list of activities to get the adrenaline flowing, e.g. ice-climbing, horse-back riding, heli-skiing, driving a snowmobile on a glacier and/or quad-biking on black lava sands.

Last but not least, Iceland is a destination where you can truly expect the sincerest and warmest of  welcomes. The Icelandic people, descendants of tough Viking warriors and beautiful Irish princesses taken captive during raids, are down-to-earth hard- working people who are proud of their history and culture. By tradition how you welcome and treat a guest is a reflection on you and your honor.

The four other nordic countries

The flight time between Iceland and the other four Nordic countries generally takes less than 3 hours. There are a number of international airlines flying these routes on a daily basis.

For those that have the time and opportunity to visit more than Iceland, and possibly Greenland in the summer, it´s ideal and very convenient to go on a Combo Nordic Tour that includes one or more of the other four neighboring countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway and/or Finland.


Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is built on 14 islands which are connected by 57 bridges, thus the name Venice of the North. The proximity to water and many beautiful green parks gives the city a special atmosphere. Most of the city´s main attractions are in the city center and therefore easily accessible in a relatively short time. A must is a visit to the City Hall Tower for a fantastic view of the city and another to-do is to stroll in Gamla Stan, one of the best preserved medieval city centers  in the world, with its narrow streets full of handcraft shops, antique stores, art galleries and cafés


Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is known as the coolest of the Nordic countries and it is also one of the world´s leaders in green architecture, sustainable lifestyle and bike sharing. In Copenhagen nearly 50% of the residents commute by bike. The new Nordic cuisine, focusing on local, seasonal and traditional food prepared in a simple but innovative way, has the Michelin restaurant Noma in Copenhagen as its flagship. Summer in Denmark is packed with music festivals, the largest being the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, lasting for 10 days in July, including approx. 850 events performed in the streets, at historic venues and squares and along the city´s picturesque canals. Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is known as Scandinavia’s coolest city and it is also one of the world’s leaders in green building, sustainable food and bike sharing. In Copenhagen nearly 50% of the residents commute by bike.

The new Nordic cuisine, introducing local, seasonal and traditional foods prepared in a simple, but innovative way, has the Michelin restaurant Noma in Copenhagen leading the way. Summer in Denmark is packed with music festivals, the largest being the Copenhagen Jazz Festival.


Surrounded by spectacular fjords and endless woodland, Oslo is Norway’s capital city. Oslo offers a charming mix of old and new architecture as well as a variety of museums and parks, the most famous one being the Vigelund Sculpture Park. The city´s attractions can easily be explored on foot and you have the opportunity to visit some beautiful art galleries and chic boutiques while strolling the capital´s streets.


The capital of Finland, Helsinki, is situated by the Baltic Sea with a 100-kilometer long coastline and around 300 islands. The harbor is the heart of the city and watching giant ferries glide into port is a part of the Helsinki experience. The compact, vibrant city is both highly cultural and incredibly relaxing, with great possibilities for many outdoor activities. On your city stroll don´t forget to explore some of the famous Finish design shops carrying such Finnish brand names as Marimekko, Alvar Alto and Ittalia. .


Due to the short distance between the two countries, it´s very convenient to visit Greenland from either Reykjavik, Iceland´s capital or from Akureyri, the leading town of North Iceland. Go by either Air Iceland´s scheduled flights or a chartered flight – planned and booked by us.

Greenland, dominated by a massive icecap, is the world’s largest island. It extends a long way into the Arctic Circle, its length is equivalent to the distance between Scotland and the Sahara! Eighty percent of Greenland is covered with ice so it is only habitable along the coastline, where this resilient and determined community live on the edge of the habitable world. Greenland is the most sparsely populated country in the world and there are no roads connecting any of its towns. So once travelers step off their international flight they continue by taking a domestic flight, or by helicopter or ship and/or by husky dog-sledge on a journey across the vast frozen wilderness.sat on the south-east coast.

Greenland is home to a hardy Inuit population of only 56.000, spread sparsely along the east and west coasts. These charming and hospitable people continue to live a traditional life of fishing and sealing in what is one of the world’s harshest but most beautiful environments. It´s fascinating to learn how they have managed to adapt and carve out an existence for centuries under such harsh climatic conditions.

On your Greenland trip you will discover incredible wildlife: whales, musk oxen, seals, reindeer and polar bears. It´s indeed magical to paddle quietly in a kajak and see a seal relaxing on an ice berg floating next to you. The beauty of the country’s natural wilderness, combined with the Inuit cultural experience, may very well mean that your visit to Greenland will rank as one of your most cherished travel experiences.

Greenland is Iceland´s next door neighbor, so the flight from Iceland to Kulusuk on Greenland´s east coast, home of the Ammassalik Inuit people, only takes ca. 90 minutes, and little over 2 hours to get to Illulisat on the south-east coast

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