River Rafting

Our country´s numerous mountains and huge glaciers produce hundreds of powerful rivers, the basis for river rafting and white-water kayaking at a broad range of skill levels. Some rivers are suitable for rafting as a family sport and activity, but others are even challenging for seasoned “river rats”. Between the two levels there is a variety of others. Most river rafting and kayaking tours last for about half a day, including the time it takes to reach the rafting base of the river of destination, gearing up and listening to the rafting guides explain the basic rafting technique and safety rules. It´s not only about the thrilling experience of rafting down a river, but also enjoying the surroundings of the river, the beautiful canyons that the rivers run through and Iceland´s amazing countryside. Note: Guests are provided with full dry suits and safety gear for the journey and the river guides are all highly experienced and professional.





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