Inside the Volcano

Inside the Volcano is unlike anything else on this planet. Here you get to enter a magma chamber and explore the heart of a dormant volcano which last erupted 4000 years ago. The beauty of the crater mostly consists in the various colorations found inside it and its enormous and to some extent intimidating size. To put it in context, the ground space is equivalent to almost three full-sized basketball courts placed next to each other and the height is such that it would easily accommodate a full -sized Statue of Liberty into the chamber! By installing the necessary gear and equipment a door has literally been created that opens up to a whole new world.

All visitors need is the willingness to do a moderate 45-50 minute hike to get to the crater from the parking lot and the courage to descend 120 meters/4000 feet to the bottom of the crater in a cable lift. No knowledge or experience of hiking or climbing is required, but for those not up for the hike, it´s also possible to get to Thrihnjukagigur via helicopter. The idea of this tour is neither crazy nor dangerous and you will be in the company of expert guides at all times. Rest assured that extreme safety precautions are taken at every step of the process.。





Summer only

May 15 – September 30

Tours ongoing all day

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