Some surely find it a little strange of us to mention horses and horse-back riding as a means of transportation in Iceland. However the

However the Icelandic horse played a vital role in Icelandic history and was considered “the most useful servant”. Some historians have gone so far as to credit the Icelandic horse for the survival of the nation. It´s the purest breed in the world. Since the 11th century the import of horses has been banned and the isolation has preserved traits lost to other horse breeds, e.g. the tolt and pace gaits, in addition to the regular walk, trot and gallop. The horse is amazingly strong but smaller than most. Just be careful not to call them ponies, Icelanders take that as an insult.

We can certainly organize horseback riding tours in Iceland, the horse being your sole means of transportation. You can take a week-long trek or 10 days, even a 1-month long tour, crossing the country from the south to the north, or vice versa. It would be a once in a lifetime experience. However, we only recommend long tours for somewhat experienced riders. For those travelers that are not, we still encourage them to take short tours riding the horses. If only for half a day or one to two hours, and travelers can start off not only from Reykjavík but from horse farms and rentals all over the country.



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