A special Icelandic/Arctic experience

Golfing in Iceland is a unique experience. Icelandic golf courses are characterized by beautiful mountains and majestic ocean views, and there are many places where you can play a round surrounded by lava fields.

Due to Iceland’s northerly location, the country has 24 hours of daylight during the summer, the months of June and July, which means you can play whenever you feel like it, day or night. Golfers from around the world come to Iceland to enjoy the incredible experience of midnight golfing. Whether you are planning a short golfing break, or a longer holiday combining golf with other activities, there are golf courses all around the country to choose from. We gladly assist those clients wanting to combine golfing with other activities and sightseeing in picking the right golf course.


The Royal Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews Golfers´ Handbook confirms that “the most northerly 18 hole golf course is the Akureyri Golf club in Iceland, which is situated 65 49′ north of the Equator”.

Artic open web page

Each year up north in Iceland the Akureyri Golf Club in late June, hosts a tournament known as the Arctic Open Golf Championship, an event featuring round-the-clock golf in mid-summer at high latitudes. It is an international event, attracting golfers from various parts of the world with the highest number of international players so far being 120. Players do not have to “worry about darkness cramping their style because the sun barely dips below the horizon”. In 2015 the tournament starts on June 25th in the morning lasting until the evening of June 27th.


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